Today was ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper's birthday! He got a Dora the Explorer cake. And then he made mean jokes about Robert Gibbs, who was just trying to have some fun.

Apparently Gibbs made a one of those wacky sports bets with the spokesman for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. And then Canada beat America at hockey, in the Olympics, and so Gibbs had to wear a Canadian hockey uniform.

Everyone thought this was very funny, but Jake Tapper was concerned that tonight, on the evening news, when they play the tape of Jake Tapper asking a very important and serious question about Health Care Reform, viewers will just be confused.

Q Has it been 15 minutes yet? Do you want to put your jacket on?

MR. GIBBS: Do you feel uncomfortable, Jake?

Q I feel like if I show this to the viewers of ABC News, World News —

Q Then we have to explain the whole thing. (Laughter.)

Q — they're going to be a little confused why on a story about health care you're wearing a hockey jersey. I'm saying —

MR. GIBBS: It can't be any stranger than some of the other stuff I see on the news, so I don't — (laughter) — I'm not entirely sure what — somebody give Jake the Canadian one and we'll just do a quick two-shot and we'll —

Q Faceoff. (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: Yes. Would you feel more comfortable if I switched?

Q I'm just glad it was a hockey, not a wrestling, bet. (Laughter.)


Just to annoy Jake Tapper (on his birthday!), Robert Gibbs kept the jersey on. Poor ABC news audience. They will be like, "Why is that handsome young Jake Tapper asking fat old Wayne Gretzky about the Death Panels? What happened to Sam Donaldson? What time is Shindig! on?"