After taking his boyfriend to a very public Hollywood Oscar party, is Anderson Cooper getting ready to finally come out? Who knows, but based on the very gay joke he made on Live with Regis and Kelly, he already is.

As he often does, Cooper stepped in to fill Regis Philbin's seat on the morning staple. Usually when he's on, co-host Kelly Ripa does the outing for him, but today he stuck a little light loafer out of his glass closet door to get a laugh.

Ripa and Cooper were doing a segment where the CNN anchor was answering questions from viewers and Kelly produced a yearbook picture of Anderson that clearly embarrassed him. She folded the picture up and put it down her shirt saying, "You'll never get this back."

What was Anderson's clever retort? "Sweetie, that's the last place I'd look." (He also gave some serious gay face while making the crack.) It's actually a funny bit, but it only works if the audience knows that Cooper is gay, and clearly the studio audience of Floridian tourists didn't get the joke.

Well, Anderson, why don't you explain it to them?

Here's the full segment—also notable for him mentioning "storing up nuts for the winter in my cheeks."