On this rainy Friday we bring you news of beautiful, sunshiny Hollywood. A film gets a re-release, Grey's Anatomy's brightest star may be supernova'ing, and another young star gets a notch in her belt. Yay showbiz!

Oh just what you wanted! You know how sometimes the Year's Best Movies are tiny indie art house flicks that you never get a chance to see in the cinemas because why out of all the places in the world did your ancestors have to pick Dayton, OH to settle? Well one of 2009's most lauded films might come back to movie theaters this summer, giving all those who missed it a chance to enjoy it as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen. Yes, James Cameron's environmental drama Avatar, about Kevin Costner falling in love with a fairy named Crysta (voiced by Samantha Mathis) could be coming to cinemas this summer all over again. Because even after you've made all the money, there might still be some more money. [THR]

Katherine Heigl, an actress with a glorious history of trashing the projects that make her famous, may finally be leaving Grey's Anatomy, a show that made her famous that she vocally hated. She's been stuck in a contract for years now, desperate to go make films that all of America is clamoring for, like 27 Dresses 2: 28 Dresses and The Ugly Truth: The Quickening. The weird thing? Her last episode may have already aired. Yeah, she might not even come back to the Grey's set to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Ellen Pompeo has enrolled in medical assistant classes at Phoenix University. T.R. Knight is still missing and presumed dead. [EW]

Barry Pepper, the actor that Scientology killed, is getting a second chance at stardom. He's just been cast in the ensemble of the Coen Brothers' much grumbled about remake of True Grit, playing the Robert Duvall character. When reached for comment, Robert Duvall reportedly dropped his banjo and yelled "Robert Duvall part? Robert Duvall can still play the Robert Duvall part! Robert Duvall is ready and rarrrrrin' to go!" Also, this movie stars a little girl named Hailee. Hailee, in a Coen Brothers movie. Urgh. [Variety]

Celebrated nerd actor Alan Tudyk has been cast alongside celebrated non-Dylan McDermott actor Dermot Mulroney in NBC's not remotely buzzed-about new remake of The Rockford Files. He'll be playing the Joe Santos part. In related news, Robert Duvall can still, and is willing to, play the Joe Santos part. [THR]

Rising young starlet Amanda Seyfried has been named Showest's Breakthrough Female Star of the Year, a lofty honor from the country's largest convention of theater owners. Past winners (of a slightly differently titled award) have included future megastars Nicole Kidman (1992), Cameron Diaz (1996), and Naomi Watts (2002). They've also included Robin Givens (1991), Tia Carrere (1994), and Shannon Elizabeth (2001). So... Congrats? [Variety]

Glenn Beck fan Jon Voight has joined the cast of gun-totin' Fox's new pilot Midland, about a Texas conman juggling two separate families. The good news is that the luminous Adrianne Palicki, my pick for Showest future star of the decade, is in the cast. The bad news is that Robert Duvall just doesn't understand why he wasn't asked about this. [THR]