"They're an elitist pestilence," Andrew Breitbart says of liberal Hollywood celebrities in this Wired profile of the conservative internet publisher. And then, after saying that, Andrew went to a Manhattan nightclub to drink Cristal with rich people.


"The taping ends with small talk and handshakes. Afterward, Breitbart heads downstairs to visit Greg Gutfeld, who hosts the Fox overnight show Red Eye. Then they meet up with Felix Dennis, the high-flying founder of Maxim magazine, and spend the rest of the evening at a midtown club drinking Cristal."

Yes, Felix Dennis, the billionaire publishing magnate who admits to murdering people while drunk.

In addition to decadent Hollywood celebrities, Andrew Breitbart also hates liberal journalists.

Among those members of the Democrat-media complex: me, an ex-Clinton-Gore campaign staffer contributing to The New York Times. In 2008, I took Breitbart to Wired's 15th anniversary party in Manhattan. He took me to gatherings of pols and pundits at Yamashiro, a restaurant in the Hollywood Hills designed to look like a shogun palace.

Here's a picture Andrew once took of billionaire financier George Soros. Unlike Dennis, Soros is a bad elitist billionaire, because he funds liberals things. Andrew took this picture (and sent it to Nick Denton) at Jean Georges, the fantastically elite Manhattan restaurant. Where Andrew was also dining, at the time.

He is basically a clown, so we should probably stop giving him so much attention.