Angelina "Trash Bags" left Jersey Shore after three episodes. Even that short stint in the house has ruined her life, though: Three of her former cast mates have threatened her life and DJ Paulie D blew her off. Tragedy!

The next time someone asks "What happened to Trash Bags?" the answer is, "She's bitching to Life & Style Magazine trying to get herself cast in season two." In the issue of the tabloid that comes out today, she alleges that Snooki and JWOWW want to beat her up and The Situation texted her, "Be prepared to get your ass beat, you pale rat bitch."

The even better claim is that when she was in L.A. with the rest of the cast taping the reunion show, she hooked up with DJ Paulie Dangerous, but then they went out the next night and he hooked up with another girl right in front of her.

This is all just a play to go to Miami for season two, we suspect. She's trying to show she'll bring so much drama with her that it would be a mistake not to invite her back. But don't do it, MTV! It was she who decided to part ways with the greatest sociological experiment of all time. And for that she should be punished!