Little Dakota Fanning is all grown up and making everyone feel like a pedophile. Alongside Kristen Stewart, Dakota shakes her distressingly young chest in this music video for Joan Jett biopic The Runaways. Somewhere, Taylor Momsen is seething with envy.

At sixteen, Dakota is the same age her character, Cherie Currie, was when she and Joan started their band. So, to help you understand the terror that The Runaways inflicted on Midwestern moms in the 1970s, here is the little girl from I Am Sam shaking her illegal-in-most-states stuff in vampy panties.

Click to viewThis is actually Dakota's voice, from The Runaways soundtrack. Idolator offers a vintage Runaways performance of "Cherry Bomb" for comparison:

And I'm going to offer is thanks that Taylor Momsen lost this role to Dakota. (Can you imagine how much more ridiculous her public persona would be if she'd landed it?) Unfortunately, judging by this growly little ditty from Taylor's own band, the Pretty Reckless, she's going to spend her whole life compensating for The Role That Got Away.

So, Dakota vs. Taylor. Fanning may seem like the winner, but consider this: She had to make out with awkward Kristen Stewart for this role. Speaking of Kristen, here she is discussing the "sexually assertive" Runaways on last night's Tonight Show.

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