Biz Stone used an age-shortener to fit his birthday onto Twitter; Julia Allison tried doing math with her brain; and Ana Marie Cox attempted to flirt with Rahm Emanuel over basic cable. The Twitterati turned to tools of last resort.

Don't let the tricky phrasing of Twitter's Biz Stone fool you: Birthday boy has been acquainted with his 30s for quite some time.

Julia Allison, an actual business owner, continued to struggle with basic math.

GQ writer Ana Marie Cox adjusted the subtlety of her jokes to match the subtlety of her venue.

Twitter's Doug Bowman, designer, observed a user error in action.

Lefty logger John Aravosis learned to hate Democratic politicians just like his colleagues in the right-wing blogosphere. That's what the Congressional leadership might call "bridging both sides of the aisle."

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