Oh neato, the Daily Princetonian has interviewed a bunch of Princeton kids who are going into investment banking. Marvel at the wide variety of lies they tell about their motivations!

The Honest One

"I think the main motivation of Princeton students who are interested in finance and consulting is the desire of a high-paying job," Mark '12 said in an e-mail.

The Absurd One

"Money is an attractive factor, but it's not the real reason people go into an investment bank," said Rebecca Yu '11.."I think - at least, I hope - that people do it because they're genuinely interested in [investment banking]."

The 'I'm Better Than the Others' One

"I mean, sure, if some people do it [for that reason] [money], fine - but that's definitely not why I'm doing it," he explained.

The One Who Does Not Live on Planet Earth

"Who's doing it just for the money?" he said. "To be perfectly frank, there aren't that many that I have known."

The One Highlighting the Effect Rather Than the Cause

"Probably someone who doesn't mind working hard," Koby said of students who typically pursue these careers.

The One Who First Tells the Truth, Then Lies Immediately Afterwards

"[Money] is a very, very big reason" for entering investment banking and consulting, Pi said. "But in interviews, [students] will try very hard to convey that they're not in it for the money."

When asked about his own motivations for entering the investment banking field, Pi was hesitant. "It's hard to word this correctly," he said. "I'm truly interested in the area. And I really enjoy the work that investment bankers do."

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