The Way We Live Now: Boldly Embracing Change. We must Move Forward and Evolve With Strength and Reward Success and other such buzzwords, if we are to survive as a nation in which people "buy" things. Not that you can.

Did you know that banks routinely charge you overdraft fees when you're using your debit card, thereby defeating the entire purpose of a "debit" card? You probably did, what with your living paycheck to paycheck. Well, Bank of America is ending those overdraft fees, because Bank of America is A Friend to Consumers of the USA. Thank them.

Chinese exports are up 46%. What are they exporting? Dangerous peppers to burn the tongues of Americans? Whosiwhatsits manufactured on the cheap? Whatever it is, we thank them. China: The World At Your Fingertips, Made In China. And bonus points to them for not being Ireland: Erin Goes "Bra" To Distract You While Vaporizing Your Investments.

So yes, it is a harsh world out there, for "regular" people such as yourself and everyone you know. But by using Dynamic Change and Positive Reinforcement, we're able to psychologically Lift Ourselves Up with the knowledge that other people are doing okay. Like the CEO of Black & Decker, who's in line for a $90 million payday. That's a real Value Added Proposition. And we must applaud him. As we applaud ourselves. Because we can all Exercise Pride in the fact that the Iraq War was a success.

Honesty Is Like Money, In America.
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