Kristen Cordle is stoked: The young executive assistant has abandoned the scary pirate captain of dying Yahoo to work for the CEO of red-hot Twitter Inc. She's already dissing her lame old company, and the competition.

Cordle made appropriately sentimental noises when she left her job working for potty-mouthed Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, tweeting that co-founder "Jerry Yang just gave me a good-bye hug :: tear::," and, under a picture of Bartz, " I'll miss these ladies...and many many more." But once Cordle was a safe distance from her fire-breathing boss, the truth came out: Twitter is SO much cooler:

That was after approximately one workday at Twitter. After one more, Cordle was ready to diss rival social network Facebook:

Cordle, a San Francisco resident, hints that she took the Twitter job in part to avoid the lengthy commute to Yahoo's HQ in Sunnyvale. But there's no question the gig will help the former Logitech program manager further ascend the professional ladder she's made her way up so quickly and adroitly thus far:

Cordle will be assisting Twitter CEO Ev Williams, according to blogger and Silicon Valley startup advisor Louis Gray, and was press-savvy enough to send repeated shout-outs to longtime tech journalist Kara Swisher while re-tweeting the tech bloggers at Mashable, including Twitter chronicler Ben Parr.

Maybe she's an internet celebrity in the making. It's not every company that gives executive assistants enough free time to become a fameball, but Twitter's not your typical sort of place.

(Pic: Corlde with Bartz, via Cordle's Twitter)