Gossip about a book about about gossip about books and whatnot! Lately we've said to ourselves, "What this city needs is another thinly-veiled fictionalized tale of various media types doing their dramatic NYC thing." Hello, we hear one is coming!

A tipster tells us that ICM agent Lisa Bankoff is shopping around a satirical novel called "Influence" by Emma Garman (pictured). It features a bunch of, yes, "thinly-veiled" characters we may all be familiar with somehow, including "a gossip blogger-turned-author and hard-partying advice columnist." A few years back you may have been able to pinpoint those characters but now they could be any number of people, including us and at least 37 of our interns. The media is all democratized now!

If you now more about this thinly-veiled book product, drop us an email to gossip!