Twilight sparkleboyfriend Robert Pattinson is starring in a new movie, premiering Friday, about a young couple falling in love in New York. It's all romantic and silly, until the film's exploitative gotcha! ending. Want to know what it is?

New York Magazine ran the spoiler a couple of weeks ago, and now the Village Voice, the third "Top Critic" review on RottenTomatoes, just spilled the beans. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter kept slightly more mum about the ending, alluding only to some grim foreshadowing of Lower Manhattan skylines...

The end?

Everything is hunkydory for most of the film. Two young sexys — Bobby Patentleather, crazy Claire from Lost — meet cute during college in the gray whirlwind of New York. They battle past sadnesses, mean daddies, and cigarette addictions on their course to true love. They get married and the Vampyr heads off to his first day of grownup man work. He goes up and up in an elevator and everyone in the audience is saying "My, that's an awfully tall building, where does he work exactly?" And then, can you guess it?


Edward Pattinson dies of 9/11 at the very end of Remember Me and all the film's happiness goes with him. This is their shocker! It's like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close if Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close had featured just a few more vampire sexpots. And if Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close had used a national tragedy as an opportunistic, zam-bang! instant-meaning hook at the end, rather than throughout the whole book.

So well done, filmmakers! Doesn't this oddly make you want to see it? And it makes us curious whether more critics will get so upset/annoyed/tickled by the hokum ending of a twinklevampire movie that they too will let the 9/11 cat out of the 9/11 bag.