Former Democratic congressman Eric Massa retired from the House because he has cancer and because he was maybe constantly groping male staffers. He will be on Glenn Beck for the full hour today. Michelle Malkin is not happy about that!

Republicans, teabaggers, and conservatives have literally no idea what to do about Massa. When he was resigning because of cancer, they were quietly happy to lose a Democratic congressman from a conservative district. When there were complaints of sexual harassment from a male staffer, they were giddy at the prospect of a Democratic Mark Foley.

But then Massa went off the reservation, blaming the whole ethics issue on the machinations of evil Rahm Emanuel and Steny Hoyer and alleging a vast conspiracy against him because he wouldn't support the health care bill. He told a wonderful story about Rahm Emanuel bullying him in the shower. New conservative hero!

It was at the point at which Massa was saying Rahm Emanuel would sell his own mother for a vote that Glenn Beck booked him for an hour. At the time, Massa was explaining away the harassment allegations by claiming it was simply ribald talk at a wedding. According to the Washington Post, though, it was maybe a bit more than that.

Former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) has been under investigation for allegations that he groped multiple male staffers working in his office, according to three sources familiar with the probe.

As you can see in the clip above, psychotic anger bear Michelle Malkin is smart enough to recognize that Massa will not reflect well on conservatives who welcome him into the fold. (Also! He accidentally calls Malkin "Michelle Obama" at the end of this clip, which probably made literal smoke come out of her ears.)

So basically we should all thank Glenn Beck for giving Massa a platform on Fox, because he is a crazy person.