Today at Gawker.TV, we point out the mistakes in "Up in the Air," Anthony Bourdain's a hypocrite about food bloggers, Stephen Colbert draws attention to Obama's recent balls-of-courage, and Andy Richter finally speaks about NBC and the Late Night wars.

Andy Richter Goes Off on Jay Leno and NBC on Live! With Regis and Kelly
Andy Richter filled in for Regis to co-host Regis and Kelly today. In addition to interviewing the always charming James Spader, Richter had his first opportunity to speak his mind about the Late Night Debacle. He did not hold back.

Movie FAIL: Up in the Air's Worst Mistakes
Up in the Air had a rough Oscar night: getting shut out, a drunken lead actor, and losing Best Adapted Screenplay. Not to pour salt on the wound, but here's a collection of some continuity errors in Jason Reitman's film.

Stephen Colbert Watches Barack Obama Grow a Pair
Stephen Colbert has never liked Barack Obama, but—on tonight's episode of The Colbert Report—he finally figured out why: Obama has been going through "presidential puberty" and is finally starting to man up. (Bonus: Tom Hanks!)

Anthony Bourdain is a Hypocrite on No Reservations
Anthony Bourdain has a big problem with food bloggers. He doesn't see why someone would want to eat food, document it, and then have other people view the results. Pot, meet kettle.

How I Met Your Mother's Erotic Musical Number, "Bangedy Bang: Barney's Been Active Sexually"
J. Lo may have guest starred on last night's HIMYM, but what is everybody talking about? It's Jason Segel's musical performance. The smooth melody of raucous bedroom carnality sprang through his voice in an exciting vibrato... but at what cost?