Andy Richter filled in for Regis to co-host Regis and Kelly today. In addition to interviewing the always charming James Spader, Richter had his first opportunity to speak his mind about the Late Night Debacle. He did not hold back.

Kelly Ripa very bluntly asked Richter if he had any ill-will towards NBC and Jay Leno after he and Conan were let go from The Tonight Show. Ripa follows this question by clarifying, "not that you're gonna be honest, but go for it." Much to her (and our) surprise, Richter was completely candid, blatantly discussing how he felt Leno and NBC screwed him and Conan over, saying he would be a self-hater if he didn't hold a grudge against NBC.

After he was finished telling everyone how NBC screwed him over, he moved on to Jay Leno. Vacillating between a calm and measured voice, to a high-pitched, almost angry shriek, Richter discussed his "displeasure" towards Jay Leno, the man who explicitly said one thing on tape, and then very obviously did another.

Richter has obviously had a lot of time to think about the NBC and Leno screwing him over, and he is speaking with a calculated chip on his shoulder. The anger in his voice is toned down, but it also sounds like he is channeling his hatred towards NBC and The Chin into motivation to do bigger and better things in the future instead of just moping.

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