The NYC Department of Health recently held a contest looking for a new package design for their free NYC-brand condoms. Online voters, the worst kind of voters, cast their ballots and chose the second worse one.

What does a computer power button have to do with the important act of safely boffing in New York? Sure every annoying latte-slurper among us is toting a laptop around the damn place these days, but that has nothing to do with sex. And yes, there's the suggestive shapes, but... feh. We wanted the manhole cover design to win. Because, y'know, that makes sense! Sort of? Or the top hat. That was fun and jaunty. Like old-timey New Amsterdam sex. But no, we trusted online voters and thus got what the nerd rubber we deserved.

Ah well. At least the subway going into the tunnel one didn't get picked. Thank god more sixth graders didn't vote online.