It'll be so real, you'll want to reach out the touch Jesus' stigmata. Posthumous John Hughes movie makes the rounds; Miss America's still homeless but Miss USA's safe; Hurt Locker's banned director gives speech. Your daily update on show business.

  • The Bible is becoming a 3-D film, so Jesus can convert the geeks who loved Avatar. In the Beginning will cost $30 million; John Fusco will write, John Cunningham will direct, no word on who will play Jesus. Expect Revelations to be really scary. [Deadline]
  • A new John Hughes movie might get made. Unproduced script Grisbys Go Broke is "floating around the industry ether" and might get the Drillbit Taylor treatment, which is to say, rewritten by Seth Rogen, starred in by Owen Wilson, despised by critics, and watched by no one. Unless John Hughes' posthumous work gets better treatment, in the manner of a lovingly restored Picasso. Hopefully the latter. [THR] [BlackBook]
  • On the Oscars red carpet, Amanda Seyfried said she was going to be in Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's The Girl with the Red Riding Hood. But she is merely "under consideration." So this could get awkward. [Wrap]
  • The Cove won the award for Best Documentary last night, and now its Animal Planet spin-off, Dolphin Warriors, has the green light. [24Frames]
  • Three SXSW films will premiere simultaneously on demand on cable, but wouldn't is be so much SXSW-ier to do it on the internet? Sundance did the "on demand" thing once, too. [Wrap/
  • 1000 words on "How Avatar Lost Best Picture," including the following phrases: "tricked-out take on Pocahontas," "conspiratorial," and "skewed." [THR]
  • NBC signed on to keep the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for three more years, proving two things: (1.) Show biz loves Donald Trump (2.) It's not us, it's you, Miss America. [Variety]
  • Banned from the Oscars, The Hurt Locker producer Nicolas Chartier gave a speech at a party in blue jeans, which sounds far more pleasant than attending the Oscars, but only if you don't win. Here's a YouTube clip that you'd think would have better production value, right? [Deadline]