Sarah Killen, the "someone" Conan "decided to follow at random," got 17,000 follows, a wedding dress, shoes, an iMac, and raised $2600 for cancer. She also appears to be unaware that Conan is no longer on TV.

Popeater interviewed Killen—or @LovelyButton, as she is known on Twitter—who says that, before he followed her, Conan wrote to ask if it was OK.

If you could send Conan O'Brien a personal message, what would you like to tell him?
I'd tell him that he's changed my life. Even if the hype stopped now, the last couple days have changed the rest of my life.

Have you been getting any other swag?
We have an iMac computer now. A guy from Hornblasters, a Florida-based online retailer, contacted us and gave us the brand new iMac... I've also been getting lots of donations for the 3-Day Walk for the Cure, which helps raise money for breast cancer research... I was going to do the walk and didn't know how I would raise all this money. I got $2,600 in a couple days.

You started with three fans before he followed you, correct?
Yeah. Three followers. Now I'm up to 16,000+ in just a few days.

Such is the power of fame, even when it's secondary. Sarah's upcoming wedding just got a big upgrade, and she is inviting Conan.

I'm getting married on September 25, and we didn't know if we would be able to afford it. Now I'm getting custom made shoes and a dress from Kelima in New York. They offered a gown in exchange for promoting their favorite charity, the Children's Hunger Fund. We're getting a limo, Classic Creations is giving us wedding bands and there's a vineyard in California sending us wine. We've got it all covered now...

Is Conan invited to your wedding?
Absolutely. My fiance wants Conan to be his best man. That would be really cool. And hey, if he wants us to come on his show, we'd get married on there. That would be fantastic.

I'm not sure who should break the news about Conan's show to Sarah. [Popeater]