Video producer Kate Bohner has re-published her autobiographical blog, just two weeks after taking it offline amid threats from Eric Schmidt's lawyers. There's been one especially noticeable change: the character "Dr. Strangelove" is gone.

Bohner has excised from her blog the Schmidt stand-in, a doctor (like PhD. Schmidt) whose relationship with Bohner ended (like Schmidt) and who had a prototype iPhone to give away (Schmidt used to be on the board of Apple Inc.). Strangelove's past appearances are cataloged here. Also gone: A comparison of Apple CEO Steve Jobs to a "stoned Jesuit priest."

Bohner's blog, once quasi-anonymous, is now linked from the former CNBC and Forbes journalist's professional website (pictured above). It also now includes this disclaimer, atop entries about her recovery from alcohol and drug addiction:

Got that? Any resemblance to "Real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental," no matter who might have been removed from the blog or how much said persons might resemble a certain married Silicon Valley CEO who once dated Kate Bohner.

We're guessing that's a disclaimer Bohner and her blog team will soon be repeating to the fearsome Eric Schmidt lawyers who scared their first site off the internet. And, who knows, maybe Bohner will soon be repeating the same legalese to some publishers as she shops her memoir. As we said from the start, a book version of the blog has been planned since the very beginning. After all, information wants to be free—as Schmidt will normally be the first to tell you. That's why he's kind enough to host thousands of blogs for free on Google's Blogspot service, including the one Bohner's just relaunched.