Rejoice, Americans in favor of education: business school grads are having an easier time finding investment banking jobs now. USA education reform= done! The other half of this plan is that regular (non-business) school kids now have 20% less school.

The NYT highlights the long-awaited "easier time for business school grads" trend with the story of Kwame Yankson, who's successfully landed a gig at Wells Fargo after wasting last summer "working for an education nonprofit organization."

Fuck that shit.

Banks are hiring again. No longer is America in danger of a Lost Generation of business school students forced to toil away in service of "education." And it's a good thing, since education is not a dynamic and growing field. More than 100 school districts across the country have now gone to four-day weekly school schedules, for to save the monies, which are all gone.

"The savings so far have been phenomenal," says the spokesperson for one school system which has just given up.

Soon the rich kids who go to the fancy "five day" schools will be able to attend business schools and then quickly rise up the ladder to become the shadowy power brokers who control the global economy, whereas the poor kids at the "technically sufficient" four-day schools will be their butlers, poop wipers, etc. Just like now, but more clear-cut.