Quentin Tarantino has resurrected many careers. His next personal project, according to conversations we overheard between the two men, involves Chris Tucker.

Tarantino, hair dyed brown with gray roots showing, in a leather cowboy shirt, was drinking vodka and orange, holding court at the Weinstein party at Soho House. His enthusiasm was predictably off-the-charts. He opined on Italian B movies and how much he loves black voices and was very happy to chat to anyone who came past him.

Except that apparently Tarantino and the wildly lame Chris Tucker—wearing an embroidered jacket to rival Tarantino's leather shirt—are talking about two projects. One is a Tarantino-helmed doc/road movie of Tucker's standup. The other is a "soldier film," as Tucker phrased it. If Quentin could rescue John Travolta, we suppose anything is possible.

[Photo via Getty Images]