We interviewed two cocaine dealers—one who deals with young Hollywood and one who looks after the old-school connoisseurs. They both expected business to double, but for very different reasons.

"Larry" (not his real name, unless it is and we're double-bluffing) deals to the upstarts and whippersnappers and says he expects business to double this weekend because "lots of the young actresses like to stay wired all day. It's like coffee to them." He'll clear five figures, he thinks. But then coke tends to the grandiose, so who knows? "You'd be surprised how much coke these people do out here. Way more than New York."

"Barry" (also not his real name, unless we decided that the rhyming real names were so implausible that it was better to use them) deals to the older, more world-weary set up in the Hills. He says they tend to restrain themselves for the rest of the year. "But this is Oscars fucking weekend. I don't care who you are—if you win a fucking Oscar you're going to celebrate." He refused to put a figure on his increased take.