Larry Kudlow has a bunch of friends-of-Roger Stone running a quasi-campaign for Senate on his behalf, but he's not going to enter officially unless he think he has a shot. It doesn't look like he thinks he has a shot.

The former drug addict who is always wrong about everything relating to the field he is supposedly an expert in told Human Events that he is very, very happy at CNBC, where they don't expect him to be right about things all that often.

"But, and this is a very important thing, and from the heart, I love my work at CNBC. I just love it. And that's the reason why I have no plans to run for the Senate at the present time," Mr. Kudlow explained.

"The network has been great for me. It's a second career and it's gone very well with God's grace. Frankly, that's a major impediment to any political campaigning," he said.

The real problem, as the Observer points out, is that Chuck Schumer's approval ratings have come back up to almost 60%.