Last night, Pawnee's close-knit coworkers struggled with their deepest desires. While Leslie pined for the validation of a women's group award given to Ron, Andy and Tom were tantalized by their own life goals: independence and a fly club, respectively.

Friends throughout the office united to aid the two dreaming man-boys in their quests. April, blushing at every interaction with Andy (who wouldn't?), went apartment hunting with her would-be paramour, while Tom gathered together an elite few—whoever showed up—for the greatest investor meeting of all time.

With Tom's hopes dashed by Donna's curt dismissal, all seemed lost. Thankfully, Andy, that knight in shining... shoeshine stand, saved the dream by sacrificing his own, donating his apartment fund to Tom's noble nightclub cause. It's just the kind of inherent sweetness one expects from the dreamboat oaf, and even more reason for April/everyone to fall deeper in love with him week-by-week.