Speculation as to when or whether David Paterson is going to resign as governor is entirely pointless. He doesn't know himself. He will probably decide to, and then change his mind, three times today. But it probably won't happen today!

Or, hell, maybe it will. If it does happen today, if New York Governor David Paterson resigns his office, leading to a ridiculous political crisis when various asshole State Senators challenge the legitimacy of Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch (which will happen!), then look for it to be announced this evening at like 5:30 pm. (Though—who will even announce it? Paterson has no communications director!)

But: Al Sharpton and other black elected officials are taking the let's wait for the investigation to play out line, which gives Paterson a bit of cover as he decides what to do. And hey, a small plurality of New Yorkers still want Paterson to finish his term. That's a mandate!

And also Bill Clinton has an opinion about things.