CSI had a little bit o' country twang to it last night. An intertwined thriller involving Rascal Flatts' bassist being afflicted with amnesia after his guitar attacked him. Also a canoe? And German diplomats? Whatever, Rascall Flatts are terrible actors.

So to recap last night's episode, Lawrence Fishburne was very serious and brooding, and Marg Helgenberger was like "I'm so laissez-faire during my investigations, and have you noticed how taut and young looking my face is?" She gets the job done, though. Do you really care what what this episode was even about? JUST GET TO THE FLATTS ALREADY.

Two teachable moments and one suggestion from this episode:

· It took a life-threatening electrocution to make one of the members of Rascall Flatts realize how terrible country music is.

· Who is the 2K version of 'the butler did it'? The roadie did it! He sabotaged the bassist's equipment in an attempt to kill him so he could play a song on stage with Rascall Flatts, also known as THE AMERICAN DREAM.

· They should give away Emmys for Best Terrible Cameo. Because if they started, Rascall Flatts would definitely be in the discussion.