Alice in Wonderland will make a lot of money. HBO wants to make a movie about the financial crisis, Deepak Choprah is pulling a Sarah Palin. Pet Sematary is back. This trade round-up not built on an Indian burial ground.

•Since Avatar opened last year, it's safe to say Alice in Wonderland is the biggest movie event of the decade. Johnny Depp is wearing the kind of make-up that gives children pathological fears of clowns, and Tim Burton most likely made this the craziest Alice yet. How much money will it make? Variety thinks it will make a lot, since market research shows strength "across all quadrants." Alice is making a big 3D push, setting a new record for opening-day 3D screens. 3D Quadrants sounds like a cool boardgame. [Variety]

•Andrew Sorkin's book about the financial crisis, Too Big to Fail, may become a movie by HBO. According to THR, the movie will "bear similarities to HBO's 2008 TV movie "Recount," which also dramatized recent events." We nominate Patrick Stewart to play Paulson. And, yeah, we say that just because he bald. [THR]

•Did you know spiritual guru dude Deepak Chopra wrote a graphic novel? He did! It is called Beyond and will become a movie. Chopra told THR Beyond is "a story about reality being multi-dimensional and how we can take journeys to realms we never dreamed of by separating the veils that partition our minds." OK, whatever, dude. We'll be right over here eating cookies and you can just tap us on the shoulder when you want to blow our mind. [THR]

Oliver Stone, fresh from Wall Street 2, is directing an adaptation of Don Winslow's novel Savages. According to Deadline, Winslow will right the script with Sntone. The book is about drug cartels and love and this movie should be very good. [Deadline]

•The 80s horror classic Pet Sematary is getting an update: Matthew Greenberg (1408) is writing a new treatment of King's 1983 novel. Pet Sematary was of course most famous for alerting the nation to the haunted Indian burial grounds that rested under all our cities. [THR]

•Does anyone remember Hawaii Five-O? If so, you are older than us: It was a show back in the day about a cop who moves to Hawaii. Now, Scott Caan (Ocean's Eleven) has signed on to play the lead role. First episode: Investigating who the hell made everyone think there was going to be a huge tsunami. Seriously, the only thing good about that thing was that now everyone knows it's OK to ignore tsunami warnings. [THR]