So, there was this big "day of action" on college campuses today. Awesome! Protests! Almost made us wish we were the ones whose quality of education was being threatened by state budget cuts. Drums! Dance parties! No Schoooll!

Thousands of students all throughout the nation made the ultimate sacrifice today in the name of education justice: They skipped school. These protesters at University of California Riverside fulfilled every middle-schooler's dream by running around the halls in a big mob, opening doors to random classrooms and just SCREAMING INTO THEM. SCHOOL'S OUT FOR THE PROTEST!

And then there were these young women doing this dance at UCR. It is called the "5.4% tuition hike twist"

And, of course, no undergraduate event is complete without people banging on African drums:

Whatever is happening here should continue to happen even when thousands of teachers aren't in jeopardy of being fired so corporations can continue to enjoy obscenely low taxes.

Also: Impromptu dance party, what?

Of course, some people were arrested at Hunter College. And these are serious issues. But, still, imagine if every time you were pissed off with your boss you could gather up some of your cubiclemates via Facebook, then come in the next day wearing a black armband, stomping down the aisles to the beat of an expertly-beaten Djembi, screaming into conference rooms and just generally going Lord of the Flies on shit. There would definitely be significantly fewer shoot-up-the-office type situations. Breakroom coffee would likely be a step up.

If we sound bitter, it's because we're jealous. Protest is wasted on the young.

What do we want?
Better coffee in the breakroom!
When do we want it?
As soon as the existing coffee supply runs out, but not before, so that we don't waste any of the coffee!