Today at Gawker.TV, controversy over John Lennon's appearance in a television ad, Tom Hanks unwittingly plays the role of news analyst, Stephen Colbert has ideas for Greece, Kathie Lee and Hoda's technical difficulties, and the craziest Canadian anti-drug PSA's.

Tom Hanks is Confused, Hilarious as News Analyst
Tom Hanks made a brilliant appearance on Good Morning America alongside The Daily Beast's Tina Brown and Nicole Wallace as a news analyst. Confused about his role in the segment, he decided to use the platform as a comedy stage.

There Isn't a Grave Big Enough for John Lennon to Spin Around In
When kids today grow up and teach them about The Beatles, they'll see John Lennon's face and say "He's from that Citroën commercial!" A weak Twitter defense of this commercial from Sean Lennon makes this even more inexcusable. Unreal.

Stephen Colbert Will Fix Greece's Economy
It seems lately that Stephen Colbert has an answer for everything. On tonight's Colbert Report, he delved into European economics, suggesting how Greece could eliminate its debt problem by pushing it on the rest of the European Union.

PS-eh? The Craziest Canadian Public Service Announcements
Like all youths in my country, I sat in my family's homestead watching in rapt attention, internalizing the Canadian values transmitted through these messages. These crazy PSAs are remembered fondly and have become Canadian memes threaded through our personal history.

Did Aliens Takeover Kathie Lee & Hoda's Show?
Did anyone else catch that bizarre noise broadcast in the middle of Kathie Lee and Hoda's show? We had to rewind the TV twice to make sure it wasn't a glitch on our end. Conspiracy theorists: please weigh in!