NPH stars in The Smurfs movie. Rachel McAdams is in the new Woody Allen movie. A woman adapts her own divorce story. De Niro: De Starring opposite Bradley Cooper. The days are growing longer. The Roundup's length is variable.

Neil Patrick Harris is in Sony's upcoming Smurfs: The Movie. Alas, he will not be playing a smurf. According to Deadline, he's playing the "lead live action character" in the CGI/live-action film. The film is directed by Raja Gosnell (Scooby-Doo, Never Been Kissed) and will begin filming in April. [Deadline]

•Woody Allen's new film is untitled and we know nothing about it except it's shot in France. Also: Rachel McAdams has signed up, on the heels of Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson. [THR]

•Robert De Niro is starring opposite Bradley Cooper in The Dark Fields, a thriller about a "down-and-out Gotham writer... who comes into possession of a designer drug that gives him newfound intelligence and success." Um, Adderall? (Not that we would know anything about this! (Seriously.)) [Variety]

•The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, will appear on important television show America's Most Wanted in honor of its 1,000th episode. According to THR, the show "has helped capture more than 1,1000 fugitives and reunited 43 missing children with their families." What THR didn't tell you: The show has also accidentally reunited 58 missing children with fugitives. WHOOPS! [TRH]

•If we ever get divorced, we hope it goes sort of like how Sascha Rothchild's ended up; She wrote a cover story for L.A. Weekly about it, "How to Get Divorced by 30," which got bought by Universal Pictures. Now it is becoming a romantic comedy, and Sascha Rothchild is adapting and executive producing the picture. She also made a book out of it! OK, we are getting divorced right now. And.... done. K. Book deal, please! [Variety]

Debra Messing is not MESSING around. Ha? She's got a new part as the star of the new ABC pilot Wright vs. Wrong, which is about "a driven conservative pundit who tries to maintain her public persona despite facing her own vulnerabilities." So, sort of like a cross between Anne Coulter and Woody Allen. [THR]