According to a confidential Republican party fundraising presentation someone left in a hotel, the RNC is putting "the Fun Back in FUNdraising" and the Blatant Manipulation back in Fear-Mongering.

Two Politico links in one day? Yes, well, this one is actually funny. Ben Smith has this 72-page document, and it is embarrassing. It is openly contemptuous of rich, major donors—it suggests that their political donations are ego-driven, and that they can be bought off with TCHOCHKES! (Presumably because they're Jewish?) (Oh, and another great reason for rich folks to donate is apparently something called "access.")

But it's even worse on grassroots small donors, who are the only people Michael Steele's had any success with: it basically openly admits that their approach to campaigning is based around groundless fear-mongering and the fostering of a hysterical atmosphere of trumped up panic.

The document is also just funny because, you know, it's Michael Steele's RNC: young major donors had cocktails with Senator and diaper-sex enthusiast David Vitter last week, and soon they will attend a UFC championship fight and a professional bull riding event.

Other notable facts:

  • They think they have a shot at Schumer's seat.
  • They think they have a shot at Gillibrand's seat. (You might need, like, candidates to pick up either of those two.)
  • Chicago is apparently their kind of town!