In your exclusive Wednesday media column: another event related to the White House Correspondents' Association dinner that you will be unable to attend, Details still exists, Tina Brown on Rupert Murdoch, and new Glenn Beck book.

The New Yorker is throwing "a rooftop party at the W Hotel" the night before the White House Correspondents Dinner. Journalists, be sure to put some snide remarks on Twitter about how you didn't want to go anyhow.

Details magazine: Why the fuck hasn't Conde Nast folded it yet? John Koblin talks to Conde insiders who say it's because the magazine is nothing more than a "rounding error." Nice! ""It doesn't make any money, but it doesn't lose a lot of money, either," says some Conde dude. Take heart in the settled knowledge that you are loved over there, Details.

What doth Tina Brown have to say about Rupert Murdoch on this fine day? "You have to admire the way he is sort of the last guy standing who believes in print, just when everybody else has completely bought into the digital revolution," she says. Is actually true! But don't forget to toss in a compliment to Barry Diller, Tina. He's the guy who believes that The Daily Beast will one day make money, when everyone else is like, "hell no."

Hey, did you know former NY Press guy Alex Zaitchik has a book coming out about Glenn Beck? We didn't, but we're pretty uninformed about things in general. This could potentially be an entertaining book, however!