Sarah Palin made her "comedy debut" on The Tonight Show. (Apparently the running joke of her candidacy doesn't count. Ba-dum-ching!) This allowed us to witness a pair of millionaires chuckling on a Hollywood stage about how they are bloggers' victims.

Asked about media criticism of her family, Palin brought up Family Guy and complained that mainstream media didn't provide adequate platforms for her to attack the show. (Recall that she is already a career talking head and capable of commanding interviews in any newspaper, TV show, or radio program in America. The only bigger platform would be to attach a megaphone to the moon and blanket the entire planet with her voice.) She leans in and tells Jay he knows what it's like to get made fun of after "these last weeks." He cuts to commercial.

Then, to improve that pesky "no platform" problem, Leno invites Palin to audition for his job by performing a mock monologue. The funniest joke came before she started, when Palin said she would forgo cue cards because she knew her jokes "like the front of my hand." The monologue consisted of weird political metaphors and gee-shucks moments about eating moose. At the end, she throws in another chuckle about how Jay is her brother in media martyrdom.

Irate about blog chatter and convinced that the antidotes are Fox News and Jay Leno—is it possible Palin just doesn't know what "mainstream media" means?

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