Gilligan's Island: The Movie. Justin Timberlake: Romantic comedy star. Hurt Locker producer: Banned from the Oscars. Lorne Michaels: Bullish on Conan O'Brien. Marion Cotillard: Hired by Woody Allen. So much Trade to Round-up, guys. Get in here and let's party!

•Pretty insane this hasn't happened yet, but Gilligan's Island is finally becoming an honest-to-goodness Hollywood movie. No one knows anything about the film, except it's with Warner Bros., and that executive producer Sherwood Schwartz has mentioned Michael Cera as a potential Gilligan candidate. We can see this. We can definitely see this. [Variety]

•Justin! Justin Timberlake! He is starring opposite Cameron Diaz in Columbia Pictures' Bad Teacher. The film, according to Variety, "centers on a middle-school teacher who, after being dumped by her boyfriend, vies with a rival (Punch), who is dating the school's model instructor (Timberlake)." Of course, Timberlake used to date Diaz. SO AWKWARD. How will they be able to work together!? Oh, right. By earning millions of dollars to do it. [Variety]

•Nicolas Chartier has been banned from the Academy Awards ceremony for writing an email to Oscar voters bad-mouthing Avatar. Looks like he'll be watching the show the same place we will be: His house. (Wait... you weren't invited to Nicolas' Oscars Party? Whoops. SO AWKWARD.) [THR]

•What do cancer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have in common? They are both starring in an untitled cancer comedy by director Jonathan Levine, starring Seth Rogan and Anna Kendrick as well. JGL is taking over for James McAvoy who, according to THR, left the film "due to unrelated circumstances beyond his control." OMG: What if James McAvoy got cancer and had to drop out of this film? Freaky. Seriously, now that would be a movie. [THR]

•Woody Allen has cast Marion Cotillard as the lead in his new film. The film stars Owen Wilson and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, maybe. It will be in Paris, since Woody is apparently trying to prove something by never filming in New York again. [Deadline]

•Lorne Michaels thinks Conan will be just fine. At a panel tonight with the New Yorker's Ken Auletta and Seth Meyers, he told the audience that he chose Conan to host Late Night because O'Brien was "just brilliant". [THR]