Just when NBC thought it could slip back into Lenonian ennui, aTonight Show forum for "things you want Jay to see" overruns with I'M WITH COCO's and is deleted. Weirdly, Brian Williams' daughter singing Ke$ha on YouTube plays a role.

Under the title "Jay, look at this!" a moderator invited users to post "photos, ideas, links, and other things you want Jay to see." The first response was an embarrassingly earnest plug for Yale viral video upstart Kurt Hugo Schneider (one of the kids behind Yale: The Musical) from a commenter named "MakeMoney." Then, the commoners raze the board with three pages of wall-to-wall Conan separatist JPEGS. An abbreviated sample: (Click images to enlarge)

Shortly after the forum showed up on Reddit, it was "deleted or moved." Click "cached page" here to see the cached version. When will NBC learn: The internet is not Jay Leno's friend.

And finally, just because we can: Allison Williams sings "Tik Tok" atop a stool in a sea of darkness. Thanks, MakeMoney.