Every so often, something comes along to put everything in perspective. Today it's Roger Ebert talking about his life after losing his jaw. His honesty and courage is frankly amazing and we are touched. God, we hate feeling these emotions!

First off, the funny stuff. Here Ebert talks about his last words, turning would could be sad into a deft joke. We love how he acts along with his computer voice like he's actually speaking.

Here is a story about him and his father ordering root beer. It is sad and poetic.

The story continues, and after his surgery, takes on a meaning that may be a little God-y, but will probably make you cry unless you have no heart left at all.

Finally, Ebert's wife (who many commenters stupidly mistook for Oprah when we posted an excerpt this morning) reads from his journal. This man took an illness that could have been devastating and turned into a triumph. Oh, Roger Ebert, why, why must you make us cry! Just when we want to go on hating the world, you have to get all inspirational. How dare you!