It sounded, this morning, like former imaginary Senate candidate Harold Ford really wished he was actually running for office. But that will pass, and soon he'll be grateful. Because now his life can go back to the way it was.

And he's done with the bullshit involved in running for office in a state as huge and unwieldy as New York!

  • No having to remember dumb details of New York geography like "how far your office or home is from the courthouse."
  • No more trips upstate, ever again.
  • No more terrible photo-op lunches with horrid lifelong pols is grimy outer-borough greasy spoons.
  • No more policy questions, ever again. Just the warm, loving embrace of Joe and Mika.

Now, Harold will go back to being an exceedingly comfortable nonentity. Until he decides he wants to be the Governor of California.

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)