Logo's gay housewives show must have scared off potential participants with the name "Kept," so it was given a new title and direction. But producers still plan to feature buff, beautiful Gay-listers. And they're still casting. Lucky you!

A source inside the show tells us that the new title is "The Gay Socialites of New York," and that it's going to focus less on the "I have a rich sugar daddy" angle and instead examine the wild, wacky ways of Manhattan's more outgoing gays. And they've set a production date! Filming starts in May, just in time for Fire Island, Gay Pride season, and for my spring to be ruined by cameras trying to edge their way into a crowded underwear party. They're still looking for a hot gay couple and one super stunning gay, though. Here's the casting notice, again:

I am already gay-shamed of whoever is going to be on this show. I also want them to marry me, because who doesn't want a fun, popular, successful gay man with a beach house to snuggle up to on cold, cold nights?

Applying is sort of like finding anonymous gay sex on Craigslist. Email them with your name, age, stats, location, and lots and lots of pictures.