When Facebook misdirected hundreds of messages last week, the private communications didn't just end up selectively quoted in the Wall Street Journal: A Gotham pub will host a reading of fresh notes called "Can I Lick Your Face." Samples below.

As best we can tell, the reading is based on messages accidentally sent to Sports Illustrated reporter Pablo Torre, or as Torre called himself when blogging about his trove of messages, "Facebook member #199." (Torre was at Harvard when the social network was born there.)

UPDATE: Organizer Nick Summers writes, "only a minority of these messages came from Pablo. A bunch of people were the recipients, and a bunch shared them with us."

Quotes from the messages are included in the invitation below, emailed by Summers and Cc:ed to Torre, and we presume the title of the event is a quote as well. If you can't make it in person to enjoy the notes and bass accompaniment, who knows, maybe your words will show up in your stead.

(Top pic: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at his own musical event, via his Facebook account.)