On Jay Leno's first night back to Tonight Show hosting duties, he stole two jokes for his monologue. One from Mitt Romney(!?), and another from an ESPN Page 2 sports writer. Proof inside.

The first plagiarized joke, pointed out by NPR's Wait Wait Don't Blog Me, has Romney setting up an Obama zinger:

As always the games were very inspiring, but by the way, you probably didn't hear the news this morning—late breaking—the gold medal that was won last night by Lindsey Vonn has been stripped. It has been determined that President Obama has been going downhill faster than she has.

Ha? I guess?

Leno's version:

Lindsey Vonn on the show tonight. She was amazing, did you see her! When it comes to going downhill, nobody's faster. Ok, maybe except for NBC.

So Leno essentially took an already stale and not that funny joke and replaced Obama with NBC. It's one thing to steal a good joke from someone funny, but it's another to steal an unfunny joke from a Governor that has never really been known for his comedic prowess. And that's not even his worst offense last night.

We received a tip from ESPN Page 2 columnist Shane Igoe on a tweet he twoted about Tiger Woods on February 19th.

And Jay Leno's joke:

Leno should receive the benefit of the doubt, though. These jokes—while bad—are certainly obvious for a comedy writer that has to churn out 30 one-liners a night. The thing is, we won't give Leno the benefit of the doubt. Jay Leno has a history of stealing material and ideas, and those jokes were both cheesy (right up Jay Leno's alley), and accessible to Leno and his writers. And just the fact that Jay Leno made a Buddhism/Bootyism joke on his first night back should make everyone shake their heads in collective disbelief.

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