Because he wants the Democrats to hold on to the New York Senate seat, Harold Ford is... bashing the incumbent, on national TV, and claiming the seat is in great danger of going to a Republican.

He still has so many things to say about Kirsten Gillibrand, the woman he is not actually running against!

It's nice that Mr. "Morning" Joe Scarborough "Country" will allow Harold Ford on his program, even though Ford is now just another uninfluential and deeply unpopular failed candidate.

To Harold Ford, being a "Democrat" or a "Republican" is primarily a marketing question. As he tells "Morning" Joe, "I share a lot of views of yours." Where they differ, "slightly," is in who they'd like to run the legislature. Which, you wonder why an "Independent Democrat" who shares "a lot of views" with former Republican congressman Joe Sarborough would care which party runs the House and Senate! Whoever's in charge, he'll never, ever be there. (And whoever's in charge, his friends can probably still be assured of an Estate Tax cut.)