On Saturday, we brought you the news of Rick Sanchez's stupid, sanctimonious and downright infuriating coverage on CNN of the Chilean earthquake and near-worldwide tsunami warning. Tonight, Jon Stewart brilliantly took Sanchez to task, and it was EPIC. Video inside.

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In under four minutes, Stewart managed to:

  • Mock Sanchez's confusion at the smallest, most obvious piece of common sense,
  • point out that Sanchez identified the Galapagos Islands as Hawaii,
  • again make note of Sanchez's infuriating confusion at anything and everything,
  • hilariously comment on Sanchez's "Nine meters in English is...?" statement,
  • show how much of an unnecessary dick Sanchez was to the on-set oceanographer,
  • compare Sanchez to a coked up guy at a party who corners you and tries to explain—really intensely—that the ant is the strongest animal in existence (for its size),
  • and work in footage of Sanchez being tasered.

Well done, Mr. Stewart. Well done.

[The Daily Show with Jon Stewart]