After asking for information on Chris DeWolfe's rumored impending purchase of an unidentified gaming platform, we've heard from multiple tipsters claiming well-capitalized Playdom is in play. Less clear is who would buy: DeWolfe or MySpace, the social network he co-created.

DeWolfe stepped down as CEO of MySpace last year but remained an adviser to the company and retained a seat on the board of MySpace China. Given that Mountain View-based Playdom was recently valued at $260 million as part of a $43 million venture capital round, it's hard to imagine DeWolfe buying the company on his own. It's a better fit for News Corp.'s MySpace; the also-ran social network is where Playdom's games like Mobsters MobWars have taken off. Still, that's a pretty penny for Rupert "Paid Content Forever" Murdoch to spill on giveaway games; we'll believe there's a deal if and when it actually closes. In the meantime, if you know anything, we're all ears.

(Pic: DeWolfe, by Robert Scoble)