When two people begin dating, there's always those quirky secrets they find out about each other. Like your boyfriend hasn't thrown anything out since the Nixon administration. Better than finding a human head in his freezer, but not by much.

In a sneak peak for Hoarding: Buried Alive, TLC's new (and improved!) Hoarding series, a seemingly normal, good looking guy brings his girlfriend over to his house for the first time. And she is shocked—SHOCKED, to see the amount of crap he keeps in his house. All she can say is "Oh my god" over and over again. Probably a warranted reaction, because we would probably say "look at all this shit!" and make a mad dash for the nearest shower.

It's interesting to see her reaction though, because while her shock is predictable, we've never seen a significant other's initial reaction to someone's extreme hoarding problem. Should be interesting to see if she dumps him for greener (and cleaner) pastures, or if she sticks around to help him sort his life out.

Hoarding: Buried Alive premiers March 14th at 10 PM on TLC.