In today's Daily Beast, a former Hillary Clinton supporter who jumped ship when the Democrats nominated Barack Obama says she was right, and the Obama presidency is a failure. We speak, of course, of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, of the famous international finance and banking Rothschilds, the family whose very name is synonymous with wealth, power, and privilege, abandoned the Democratic party completely in 2008 because she found Barack Obama too "elitist." That is a thing that actually happened, and not a funny aside in a Chris Buckley novel.

A sensible Hillary Clinton supporter could write an intellectually defensible column arguing that President Hillary would've been more successful at any number of things, from passing a real health care bill to finance reform to dealing with Iran or fighting any of our various wars. But Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is not a sensible person.

In fact, she is a deeply stupid person. And because she is a deeply stupid person, the selection of nutcase Sarah Palin made her a McCain supporter. And then she began writing columns about how Barack Obama is a dangerous leftist radical communist. Her only proof for this claim was that he wanted to raise the top marginal tax rate (the tax rate people like Lynn Forester de Rothschild have to pay) by four percent. This made him a socialist.

Her column today is basically two years worth of forwarded emails from a formerly sensible old person who discovered Fox News and talk radio, condensed and edited by one of Tina Brown's servants. You might ask why de Rothschild was ever a Hillary Clinton supporter, at all, when she now insists that an attempt to institute health insurance reforms far, far more limited than those Hillary herself drafted in the 1990s is proof that the president is a dangerous radical who wants to transform America into a European welfare state—but the answer is simply that she is stupid, and this is a stupid column drafted by a stupid person, and no responsible publisher should've ever published it, because of how stupid it is.

But for some crazy reason, de Rothschild has had her incredibly misinformed and simplistic and worthless opinions published by both The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post, two very serious internet publications run by very serious people. What a funny world!