To most, Michael Saylor is famous for losing a record-setting $6B in one day. To us, he's famous for emailing sexy svelte photos after we published a fat one. New photographic evidence suggests Saylor's still living large and looking thin.

Here's a recent picture of Saylor trapped between a boob and a hard-bodied babe. We're told they are in the Virgin Islands.

Time to catch up with an old friend.

Saylor was once said to possess a God complex, "volcanic impatience," and "most eligible bachelor" status. When, in 2009, we repeated Page Six's botched story about Saylor sponsoring a fabulous yacht party in Cannes, he emailed to correct the record (he was working at home, not vacationing), the picture ("the photo looks to be many years old taken when I was 30 pounds heavier. I have enclosed a couple of new ones"), and the ridiculous rumor that he squandered his hard-earned pennies on party-hungry acquaintances.

And now? MicroStrategy is on the up-and-up (according to this press release, at least) and Michael finally got his fabulous vacation. If the drunk jazz hands in the back row are an indicator, drinks are on the guy whose name occasionally appears in Forbes' World's Richest People issue.

And with that, a rift in the world of moguls and maidens healed itself; the eligible bachelor returned to the party, the yacht returned to paradise, and Page Six's prophecy came (roughly) true.