It's no secret that Jeopardy! contestants sometimes crack under pressure and give WTF-worthy answers. Our girl—and, now, Gawker.TV commenter—Lysette Tidwell is one example. But on Friday's episode, a fellow named Ashok gave two of the worst answers imaginable.

First of all, Ashok, the category is "THEY LIVED PAST 100." As in, the people referenced in the clues not only lived past the age of 100 (there goes your first answer), but are also now dead (there goes your second one).

We're not going to spoil the fun and detail Ashok's guesses (or the clues to which he responded), because it really is worth watching. In fact, if we didn't have the video to prove it, you'd probably call me crazy when I told you exactly what had happened.

Anyway, back to Ashok... come on, man! Really? Really?! There aren't enough Seth Myers and Amy Poehlers in the WORLD to explain how bad this was.


(Thanks to commenter Bros Hill for the tip!)