Kreepie Kats, long a staple of this website, died earlier this week at the hands of their creator. They were burned to death. It was bittersweet and gruesome. Creator Jim Behrle was unavailable for comment as a ghastly video surfaced...

I always felt the Kreepie Kats added to the "performance art" value of this site exponentially. Even if they did have dirty mouths. And even if they really were pretty goddamn creepy.

Here's Jim's Twitter.
Here's Jim's blog.
And here's an interview with Jim from—of course—the Village Voice. Noted former Gawker editor Choire Sicha:

"Those blogs are clearly the work of a deranged person," Gawker managing editor Choire Sicha says after being directed to Behrle's more poetry-centric work. "I hope it's not true that he is the author of "Kreepie Kats." It takes a genius to name a cat sticker 'Krunchypants' and this person seems rather like an idiot to me."

And finally, from Jim:

"When you see a bunny sucking on a beer saying a one-line haiku, it's powerful. It's like, 'That dude just wrecked my life with a magic marker and a couple of stickers! I still don't quite understand why that is, but I like it."

I liked it too. See you on the other side, Klonnopin.