Bloggers are now noting CNN's Rick Sanchez, while covering the Chilean earthquake and oncoming tsunami in Hawaii, acted in a manner befitting "an ejaculation that should have been swallowed." If you have video of this, shout. Update! We've got video.

Rick Sanchez, to a scientist: "Nine meters in English is what?"

Ha. In Portuguese, now! Also, via Dan "Slim Shady" Abrams' Mediaite, Drew Grant grabs video. Highlights:

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1:37: Rick Sanchez trying to explain to his viewers, who are apparently too stupid to understand the most basic law of "every reaction" physics: "The yang of that yin.."

1:46: Rich Sanchez screaming at this poor weather nerd: "I'm not asking you to do 27 to 27, I'm asking you if there's a drop, will there be an increase?!?"

Also, more Rick "No Shit, Sherlock" Sanchez here:

2:20: "But what we can say is—tell me if I'm wrong—there is a tsunami there, and it was just detected, that it caused a 27-foot drop."

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Maybe if he lived life like fellow anchor Jeffrey Toobin—Toobinstyle—he wouldn't be so anal. Or at least, anal like this. If you know what I mean. I'm talking about Jeffrey Toobin being an ass man. An ass sex man. But for now, Rick Sanchez is just an asshole.