Donald Trump came down from Trump Tower yesterday to testify in court that Trump Entertainment Resorts needs the Trump name if the Trump casinos will be successful again. Everyone disagrees, but he's holding his name hostage. Trump!

Billionaire Carl Icahn and a coalition of bondholders are fighting with Trump over how to reorganize the Atlantic City properties, which filed Chapter 11 last year. Trump has proposed a plan that would allow the casinos to keep the Trump name in exchange for a 10 percent cut. If not, he'll take his name and go home to Trump Tower and sit on his Trump furniture and wear his Trump ties while throwing bottles of Trump water at all the other Trumps. Trump! Icahn says the worst part of losing the name would be the $20 million it would cost to replace the signs. Burn! Considering this is the third time Trump's casinos have gone through bankruptcy it can't be that big of a loss, right?

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